Oblate Sisters of Jesus The Physician (OSJP)

The closer imitation of Christ who came for the poor, down-trodden, the hungry, the neglected, the homeless, the naked, and the lost, that he might lead them to God while at the same time caring for their physical and material needs.


Our Purpose

Oblate Sisters of Jesus the Physician (OSJP) is the organization that is a registered  non profit organisation whose purpose is the closer imitation of Christ who came for the poor, down-trodden, the hungry, the neglected, the homeless, the naked, and the lost, that he might lead them to God while at the same time caring for their physical and material needs.


Our Project


Clinic equip it for their medical care, free of charge for mentally sick. This clinic will be totally free for the homeless mentally ill who we will be picking up from the streets, trash heaps, and vacant buildings where they are living.

Convent House

Convent house for the Reverend sisters. This house is for the reverend sisters that will be taking care of the mentally sick  and working in the clinic.


Our Project Breakdown

The main apostolate of OSJP cannot be successfully run without well equipped medical clinic. Our major apostolate is to pick up people who have no trace of their families and that society rejected due sickness or other reasons. They are wholly dependable on the care and services of the Congregation through the help of you and me.


Ten plots, building and equipment




A good generator for light will cost $145,000.00

Water System

A good bore whole water system will cost $75,000.00


8 Vans, preferably Toyota Sienna, will cost $140,000.00

Building Equipments

Building and equipment for the clinic and convenant  $410,000.00


Most of the time our answer to this question is shelter, clothing and food. It is an outstanding truth that these three basic life necessities are needed by every human being no matter the family background. Thank God that most of us have and enjoy these basics of life. Having acknowledged that, we still lack something crucial that lubricates the engine to prevent it from rusting. That is “LOVE”.


We can feed, shelter, and clothe someone without love because we do it as a responsibility or a paid job. We can do this even to people we hate or who are our enemies. But giving the life basics necessities with love is no longer human but living the life of Christ who gave up his divinity in obedience to his Father when He came and died for us, even when we were unworthy of the costly price he paid on Calvary.

Any family where this kind of love is lacking is a jungle, just like these people who are living in the open dirty streets, trash heaps, and uninhabited buildings, are living in a jungle. The people in that family where no one can sacrifice for another in love are just like the people to whom we throw food and clothes and allow them to live in abandoned home, and we just pass them by. As we need more than providing the basic needs in the family, so the poor ones whom Christ regarded as himself need love, care, appreciation and acceptance.


Have you ever loved or felt loved, and I mean love without prejudice, that powerful feeling that runs in your veins and gives you the strong emotion that you are safe, accepted, and appreciated by another person, especially when you least expect it? This is the unalloyed love of Christ that salvaged us from sin and death to inherit life without end with God. They are asking us to care, accept, and appreciate them. Can you look straight into their eyes and assure them of the warm feelings they lack – feelings that are only basic life necessities.


Our Team

Mariagoretti lkechi Awugosi


After nineteen years as a Professed Sister, Mariagoretti felt a vacuum that was filled in her desire to touch Jesus in the poor. Once she got the approval from her apostolate, she founded Oblate Sisters of Jesus The Physician (OSPJ) (the closer imitation of Christ), a non-Profit Organization here in America and Africa is Her contact is (734) 858-0022

LaNetria Gibson


LaNetria Gibson shows good enthusiasm for the good of the organization. She calls meetings when necessary for us to plan ahead and what to do to realize our mission. Shthough she is not a nun or professed sister, she is ready to carry this mission on as lay person she is. LaNetria lives in the city of Taylor, Michigan. Contact is (313) 925-6535.

Doris Mercy Oguguam

Financial Secretary

Sister Doris is a Catholic Professed Sister and very zealous to her vocation and enthusiastic religious. She is well known and appreciated among priests and religious of African due to her sincerity and selfless services to others. She has been in America over ten years and lives in the city of Westland, Michigan. She is a Direct Care Worker in a compa NY. Contact is (313) 605-6993.

Paul Jonathan

Special Director

Paul Jonathan has a tremendous zeal to make this organization to fulfill its dreams and vision. He does and organizes a lot of our paper works and running around for us. He is a lay man and he works as an engineer in a chemical company. Paul lives
in the city of Taylor, Michigan. Contact is (248) 325-4185